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Weed control Rowlett

Weed control Rowlett

Everyone wants to enjoy a lush, beautiful lawn. Unfortunately, weeds can keep you from having the attractive yard that you want. Weeds can grow out of control and take over your lawn. If you want to keep your property looking attractive you need to take steps for weed control in Rowlett. A lawn care program will remove and prevent weeds and create a better looking more luxurious lawn.

What is the Best Way to Control Weeds in My Yard?

It is best to control weeds through both pre-emergent and post-emergent methods. A professional lawn care company in understands weed control in Rowlett and will evaluate your specific weed removal and prevention needs. Pre-emergent weed control treats the roots of the weeds to keep them from growing. Post-emergent weed control is necessary for weeds that are already growing in your yard. Both methods can be utilized to keep your lawn looking its best. Regular weed treatment and preventative methods will help improve the look of your yard and keep weeds under control.

What Types of Weeds Grow in My Lawn?

The most common types of weeds that grow in your lawn fall into two main categories including grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds. The most common of the grassy weeds is probably crab grass. Crab grass is a pervasive weed that grows in clumps that are low to the ground. Familiar broadleaf weeds include such plants as thistle, clover and dandelion. When left untreated, these weeds will spread and start to take over your grass. Proper treatment by a specialist in weed control in Rowlett will help rid your lawn of these weeds for good.

Will Fertilizer Help with Weed Control in Rowlett?

Fertilizer is a substance that helps nourish your grass to improve strength and growth. Fertilizer alone won't control weeds but it does help with the process. The first step in weed control in Rowlett is the application of products that will kill weeds and prevent their growth. Once weed control products have been applied you can improve the condition of your lawn with fertilizer. This will make your lawn thick and lush and encourage growth. You can't rely on fertilizer to eliminate weeds in your yard.

Can I Control Weeds on My Own?

There are many products on the market that are used for weed control. However, these products are not always safe or easy to use. It is best to call a professional lawn care service. The lawn care professionals will work with you to develop a weed control plan for your yard. Weed control should be done several times a year in the spring, summer and fall. Regular weed control will prevent weed growth and remove weeds that are already growing. The goal of any good lawn care program is to improve grass growth and eliminate weeds. The best programs are those that provide professional well-rounded lawn care that promotes a healthy yard. Contact our experts to learn more about our affordable weed control and lawn care options.

Weeds in Rowlett Can Be Frustrating…

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Weed control Rowlett