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Asure Expands Tax Filing Capabilities to Scale in Response to Surging

Asure Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASUR), a leading provider of flexible Human Capital Management (HCM) and Employee Experience (EX) solutions tailored to fit the needs of small, medium and large organizations around the world, today announced it has expanded its tax filing capabilities to allow CPAs, tax professionals and their clients to quickly prepare and file their governments’ economic relief payments as part of their federal tax returns.

This new feature provides users with the ability to easily create, view and submit Economic Relief Tax Credits (ERTC) for both employees and employers. These credits are available for Individuals as well as corporations who have experienced loss due to COVID-19 related complications. This new capability further addresses CPA firm needs in response to the fast-moving surge in demand for ERTC filing services from taxpayers this filing season.

The new ERTC workflow allows CPA firms and tax professionals to maximize their operations efficiency during this unprecedented period by providing automated relief from the burden of manual data entry— resulting in lower costs, payroll accuracy assurance, and enhanced collaboration between CPAs and taxpayers when preparing their returns. Asure Software has long been a leader in providing HRMS solutions that help businesses dedicate time back into running their business. This offering is aligned with Asure’s mission to assist midmarket companies in answering today’s demanding HRMS requirements while offering significant financial value through an efficient scalable platform designed exclusively for small-mid market clients.

Asure's Expansion

Asure Software NasdaqASUR, a globally-recognized software-as-a-service provider, recently announced the expansion of their tax filing capabilities. This expansion is aimed at giving CPA firms and tax professionals the ability to scale in response to the surging ERTC demand. Asure's new solution will make it easier for customers to file their taxes quickly and easily, while also cutting down on costs of compliance.

Let's discuss how Asure's new solution works:

Expansion of Tax Filing Capabilities

Asure Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASUR) is expanding its tax filing capabilities to further help Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) meet rising Earned Income and Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) demands from consumers. The new capabilities offering is part of Asure’s award-winning SkysITE technology suite, specifically tailored for CPAs who are forced to scale and expand filing services in response to customer demand, according to a recent study reporting an increase of 846% over the previous year for EITC credits filed by companies like H&R Block.

The company’s enhancements will allow practitioners and firms to more quickly compile appropriate forms with populated fields; obtain an electronic signature using eSignature right within the application; set up auto-archiving systems for easy retrieval and access; generate emails as needed; create dynamic client lists, electronically send completed documents and track success metrics across client base. Utilizing these tools through SkysITE can prevent valuable time from being consumed when manually gathering information from multiple sources simply to compile tax returns.

With Asure’s expanded solutions for CPA firms, multi-location firms can easily share information and data between offices countywide or even nationwide in real time – ensuring accuracy and preventing duplication work that takes away productivity. This level of access gives CPAs more insight into potential risks with proposed returns which are especially important as audits become increasingly more prevalent due to the charged political climate surrounding taxation reforms. By leveraging these features within SkysITE which currently serves 450+ accounting firms nationwide automatically, case managers, tax preparers, bookkeepers and CPAs can utilize the technology suite to handle high-volume crunch periods associated with tax season much faster while retaining data security they need within their business operations.

Benefits of Expansion

Asure Software's recent expansion of its tax filing capabilities increases the firm’s options for supporting businesses in their tax-related needs. Through partnerships with major state and federal agencies, Asure is able to securely store customer data and provide comprehensive tax processing related to the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) and other tax credits.

By expanding Asure's offerings, customers have increased access to faster, more secure filing services as well as reliable support from a team of experienced professionals, who can assist with any questions or concerns they may have.

This expansion also allows CPA firms and other tax professionals to scale their offerings in response to an increase in demand for ERTC services as business owners seek assistance with efficiently managing stimulus packages or cash flow constraints that come with uncertain times. With the additional capabilities now available through Asure’s web-based solution, customers are able to access reliable service providers that specialize in determining eligibility for these incentives while keeping their customer data safe and secure.

Furthermore, this expansion helps foster a high standard of compliance by leveraging powerful safeguards put in place by Asure and its partners. These measures help customers remain on track with filing deadlines while ensuring customer confidentiality through compliant security systems. By allowing businesses a secure way to file taxes remotely and directly receive benefits, Asure has created a dependable resource for customers seeking timely and effective support during times of uncertainty.

Impact of Expansion

Asure Software's recent expansion of its tax filing capabilities is set to have a significant impact on the accounting and tax industry. The move allows CPA firms and tax professionals to scale their operations in response to the increasing demand for Economic Impact Payment (EIPC) tax filing services.

This expansion of services is particularly timely since taxpayers have until May 17, 2021 to file their 2020 tax returns and claim the EIPC tax credit.

Empowering CPA Firms and Tax Professionals

Asure Software’s comprehensive human capital management solution is helping to empower CPA firms and other tax professionals with sophisticated, self-service tax filing capabilities. By automating the process of filing taxes, these firms are able to meet the increasing demand they are currently facing while also freeing up resources and staff to concentrate on value added tasks such as expanding their service offerings or taking on new clients.

By providing an intuitive and streamlined user experience, tax professionals can quickly, easily and accurately file taxes for their clients in both small business and individual scenarios. Additionally, Asure Software’s platform gives accounting professionals visibility into their entire process so that teams can efficiently coordinate in order to maximize staff resources. This helps provide a positive customer experience by eliminating bottlenecks that slow down the filing process.

With the ability to scale quickly in response to market demand, CPA firms and tax professionals can serve more applications than before, reducing wait times while maintaining quality assurance measures across all stages of filing. Asure Software’s platform also provides additional flexibility by integrating seamlessly with other software systems or user databases so that organizations can build processes that are tailored to their individual needs as well as those of their customers.

By utilizing this comprehensive platform for tax filing needs during crucial periods such as year-end or busy season, CPA firms and tax professionals can divest from manual processes in order maintain accuracy while expanding services quickly when needed.

Increasing Efficiency and Accuracy

Asure Software's expansion of its automated tax filing solutions is helping to drive high-end performance, increase taxpayer accuracy, and improve CPA firm and tax professional efficiency in response to the escalating demand for Economic Relief Tax Credit (ERTC) filing services.

The availability of this cloud-based solution supports CPA firms, tax preparers, payroll providers and human resource/financial services departments in meeting the needs of their customers while also allowing them to scale and reach additional customers.

With Asure Software's expanded automated tax filing capabilities, CPAs can easily manage their practice and streamline the ERTC process from start to finish. By eliminating manual processes such as data entry, file uploading and payments status tracking, practitioners are able to accurately complete large volumes of returns quickly. This reduction in time allows for the completion of both pre-filing reviews for accuracy as well as post-filing validation steps that help ensure greater compliance with IRS regulations.

For taxpayers who choose a desktop product or arrive at the letterhead packages from other vendors late in their ERTC tax season preparation process, Asure Software streamlines eFile processing which enables practitioners to deliver faster refunds thus improving customer satisfaction levels – all while meeting all state & federal filing deadlines. By providing an easy way to prepare electronic returns that allows clients themselves to complete prior year corrections without added burdensome paperwork makes it easier for CPAs too!

Asure Software’s integrated workflow also helps CPA firms' clients review & validate critical details such as wages & expenses attached to clients' electronic filings before they're filed thus substantially reducing client complaints associated with typing errors & having proper records maintained among others by simplifying refund processing technologies right at their fingertips. Ultimately this combination raises overall standards in terms of Competency Assurance & Taxpayers Accountability ecosystem per IRS application requirements based on current Emerging Technologies available today – including blockchain auditing techniques present throughout those service chains by making them both Transparent & Secure with higher level confidence from lower associated risks.

Asure's Growth

Asure Software (NASDAQ:ASUR) has recently seen a surge in demand for its tax filing capabilities, allowing CPA firms and tax professionals to increase the scale of their business and better respond to the contemporary need for ERTC filings. With this newfound growth, Asure has been able to reach new heights in this area of their business, setting the stage for additional expansion in the future.

Customer Adoption

In response to the surge in tax filing created by the Economic Recovery Tax Credit (ERTC), Asure Software has expanded its capabilities, allowing CPA firms and tax professionals to scale quickly and conveniently. Customers have had success implementing Asure payroll solutions, ultimately giving them greater access to ERTC resources. Customer adoption of these solutions has grown substantially in recent months, providing relief to businesses by simplifying tax filing processes as they become increasingly complex.

As part of the simplified approach to ERTC filing, customers are provided with best-in-class payroll services that eliminate double data entry and remain fully compliant with federal and state requirements. Additionally, they gain access to robust reporting capabilities that allow for accurate tracking of employee wages over time. With the additional features available via Asure’s solution, customers are able to easily troubleshoot any discrepancies that may arise during their ERTC filing process.

Asure also offers a full suite of support services for customers who require additional guidance regarding their ERTC filing processes. The team provides personalized assistance so clients can easily adapt their existing payroll processes and ensure compliance throughout each step of the filing process. These comprehensive support services enable customers to remain up-to-date on changes within the ERTC policies as well as provide opportunities for strategic growth in response to shifting market conditions.

Financial Performance

Asure Software has recorded a strong financial performance in 2021, presenting investors with an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the company’s resilient business model. Asure was able to rapidly pivot its offerings in response to the surge in ERTC (Employer Retention Tax Credit) demand and quickly established itself as a leading provider of tax filing solutions. This enabled the company to take advantage of an under-served market and generate significant revenue growth.

In addition, Asure’s product portfolio has greatly improved thanks to its new strategic partnerships that have allowed it to expand into several key markets such as payroll, HR, and enterprise applications. The impressive product list includes popular SaaS solutions like:

  • Workforce Go!
  • Skyclock
  • Rentec Direct Professional
  • MyStaffingPro Enterprise Edition
  • HiringThing Pro Onboarding Platform Suite
  • CloudHire Payroll & HR Solutions

Thanks to these multiple product offerings across various verticals Asure Software has achieved record revenues and profit margins over the past year which have translated into substantial stock gains for investors who chose to take part in this investment opportunity early on.


Asure Software's unique tax filing offering has allowed CPA firms and tax professionals to scale up and meet the surging demand for ERTCs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the addition of key features like a tax filing dashboard and additional tax filing capabilities, Asure Software has been able to create a complete solution for tax filing that is both reliable and efficient.

Summary of Expansion

Asure Software, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workforce Management (WFM) solutions, is expanding its tax filing capabilities to make it easier for CPA Firms and Tax Professionals to scale in response to the increasing demand for Economic Impact Payment Tax Credit Processing.

The new features include an enhanced user experience, an automated tax data import capability, streamlined filing workflow functionality including accountant/employer segregation of duties for compliance purposes and more direct access to relevant IRS rules and publications. Additionally, Asure has integrated with several leading third-party tax preparation platforms to allow CPAs and other firms to easily start utilizing the service with minimal effort.

This expansion sets Asure up as the ideal partner for firms looking to take advantage of the renewed guidance from Congress about Economic Impact Payment (EIP) eligibility and use of the revised Earned Income Tax Credit (ERTC). The firm’s software platform will allow Accountants and Tax Professionals to assess potential ERTC claims rapidly while also ensuring they are in compliance with all applicable IRS requirements. This will help them provide their respective clients with more efficient tax filing services while offsetting potential penalties or fines related to incorrect filings.

Future Outlook

Asure Software is well-positioned to help CPA firms and tax professionals respond to the surging demand for ERTC services in 2021 and beyond. The company has recently expanded its tax filing capabilities with all necessary compliance updates, and efforts are also underway to insure simultaneous process scaling with compliance requirements and speed. Asure Software's partnerships with over 60 payroll providers is proving invaluable, as it allows CPA firms to offer turnkey solutions for their clients, streamlining the preparation and filing of returns.

In addition to tax filing capabilities, Asure Software offers a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions that can be tailored to a variety of business needs. This includes solutions for:

  • Time tracking
  • HR
  • Asset management
  • Expense tracking
  • Onboarding facilitation
  • And more

Going forward, Asure Software will continue its focus on developing innovative solutions that enable CPAs and other tax specialists to scale their businesses quickly while maintaining compliance standards. The company is also committed to developing best practices from customer feedback into new product releases so that customers can accurately capture information while in sync with changing regulations. These strategies make Asure software a cutting-edge provider in the ERTC services sector going forward into 2021 and beyond.