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Asure Expands Tax Filing Capabilities in Response to Surging ERTC

Asure, the premier cloud-based payroll and HR software provider, recently announced expanded capabilities for their Tax Filing feature to accommodate the increasing demand for emergency tax relief credit (ERTC) filings. This new functionality enables CPA firms and other tax professionals to more efficiently scale as businesses look to take advantage of recent government relief programs.

Asure’s Tax Filing feature utilizes advanced tax engine algorithms to automatically deliver accurate and personalized forms that are ready for e-file or print – eliminating any potential manual errors that can occur while processing multiple filings at once. This capability is essential when dealing with large volumes of federal or provincial/state filings in a short amount of time.

The Tax Filing feature provides a seamless process in obtaining these credits quickly and efficiently on behalf of their clients. Furthermore, Asure’s comprehensive suite of HR tools enables customers to manage employee onboarding & offboarding quickly, accurately, and effectively – all while minimizing the burden on their teams during this high volume season.

Asure's Tax Filing Capabilities

Asure, a leading provider of cloud-based software and payroll services, has recently expanded its tax filing capabilities to better serve CPAs, tax professionals, and businesses during this dynamic tax season.

With this new offering, Asure is offering a scalable solution to the rapidly changing ERTC demands, making it easier for CPAs and tax professionals to manage their work. This will enable them to provide a better service to their clients and make filing taxes less taxing for everyone involved.

Automated Tax Filing

Asure, a leading provider of software for the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry, has recently announced its new automated tax filing capabilities to help CPA firms and tax professionals scale quickly in response to surging Expanded Tax Credit Claims (ERTC) demand. With these new tools, CPAs can quickly bulk-submit ERTC data and documentation online through Asure's secure portal so that clients can get maximum refunds with minimal effort.

The automated tax filing feature is integrated into Asure's Payroll system, allowing CPA firms and tax professionals to easily generate year-end filings from their payroll solutions along with ERTC documents. This will allow clients to file their taxes accurately, efficiently and quickly via Asure’s website without relying on third parties for support or needing manual documents or data entry. With the automated tech solution, firms can count on fast turnaround times for their filings by offering direct access to their payroll systems in the cloud.

By utilizing these automated processes within the Asure payroll platform, CPAs and other professionals have an easier way of fulfilling large numbers of clients’ requirements at once while still providing high-quality service. The link between Asure's payroll system and automation technology ensures accuracy while saving valuable time that would usually have been spent manually creating forms or entering numbers by hand – freeing up resources to focus on providing additional value-added services like strategy development – a must during these economic times!

Tax Return Preparation

Asure, a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) services, is making tax filing even easier to handle this season. With the latest enhancements to its integrated HCM platform, Asure now supports the electronic return transfer of tax documents (ERTC) features. This enables CPA firms and tax professionals to scale their operations in response to the surge for ERTC capacity caused by many taxpayers filing returns shortly before their due-date this tax season.

The new ERTC capabilities are available through either Asure’s cloud or on-premise solutions and provide functionality within existing administrative tools such as Tax Prompts, Remote ID Verification and batch processing. Tax professionals can now access all key areas of client data quickly while choosing individual documents they need during any given transaction.

These custom-built tools allow CPAs and other tax professionals to shorten the cycle needed to compute returns that must be filed electronically by taking into account verification processes that are required by authorities such as IRS before return submission. Asure's integrated platform helps make filing much smoother for busy organizations during peak filing times in January-April. Additionally, all employers eligible for 2021’s federal expanded Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) reimbursements will also benefit from these advancements since employers having fewer than 500 employees are eligible for a payroll credit that could cover as much as 100 percent of qualified wages paid during EPSL periods.

Tax Return Review

Tax Return Review is a key capability of Asure’s expanded tax filing platform. Tax Return Review provides CPA firms and tax professionals with the ability to efficiently review and make decisions associated with the filing of critical documents, including:

  • Federal Form 1040 series
  • State Form 1040 series
  • Schedules A,C,D & F
  • Income Tax Returns for Organizations & Estates
  • State Returns
  • W-2s, W-4s and 1099s

Through Tax Return Review, Asure’s platform allows users to quickly review tax return documents and make secure digital decisions guaranteeing faster filings. Additionally, users on Asure’s expanding platform are able to easily share filing results between processes which further increases efficiencies in workflow operations.

Tax Return Delivery

Asure is proud to announce its expanded tax filing capabilities, making it the premier provider of online income tax return filing services for tax preparers and CPAs. Through Asure’s secure, cloud-based platform, CPA firms and tax professionals can deliver simple yet complex tax returns with confidence and accuracy.

Accommodating individual, business, exempt organization and partnership returns is just the beginning of what Asure offers. Tax Return Delivery provides industry-leading features such as electronic payment processing integration (ACH & Credit Card) for both e-file AND e-pay returns that support refunds are surprisingly simple to process. Multitax return groups can be created quickly for batch filing efficiency. Gathering signatures using digital signature technology is also available ensuring valid review before submission to reduce rejections and labor hours spent on corrections for partners. Updated state forms now include additional wage details reporting the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act Stimulus Check Disbursement distributed by states through unemployment insurance programs; this feature helps prevent errors due to forgotten or incorrectly entered data fields providing a complete 2020 federal/state return. Your clients will be able to view their filings online or download PDF copies in preparation for tax time next year prior to disposing of paper documents.

Tax Return Delivery integrates with several software applications making it easier than ever before to get started whether you are processing one or thousands of returns per day – no task is too large or small! Try Asure's Tax Return Delivery today!

Benefits of Asure's Tax Filing Capabilities

Asure's innovative tax filing capabilities are allowing CPA Firms and tax professionals to scale in response to surging ERTC demand. With this technology, CPAs and tax professionals can now serve their clients better, and provide a more streamlined filing experience.

Let's discuss the advantages that Asure's tax filing capabilities offer and how they can be beneficial to those in the Tax industry:

Increased Efficiency

Asure’s expanded filing capabilities allow businesses and service providers to become more efficient with their tax filing needs, while saving time and money. Through a streamlined common solution, Asure provides current up-to-date data integration, fully integrated workflows, document management, and reporting capabilities.

This all-in-one, cloud-based platform eliminates the need for cumbersome standalone applications by providing an organized workflow structure for different tax forms and documents – including payroll taxes (941s/940s) electronic claims forms (APTTUS 1120s), W2s & 1099s – all in one centralized place.

Additionally, the platform enables users to securely store data in the cloud with multiple levels of encryption. Organizations can also initiate realtime eSIGNature delivery on all documents within the platform eliminating physical trips to clients as needed to sign and approve paperwork. These built in secure file storage centers minimize human errors common to manual data entry and allow them to easily build global presence without having to invest in expensive international offices or locations – making it easier for CPA firms and Tax Professionals alike to scale their ERTC services nationally or globally if needed.

Improved Accuracy

Asure has enhanced its Tax Filing Capabilities, allowing CPA firms and tax professionals to complete more returns with enhanced accuracy. The new tools provide more reliable estimates of earnings and withholding taxes, eliminating the need for manual reviews and providing a faster response time to fluctuations in tax liabilities.

The improved productivity that comes with these automated features allows tax experts to focus on accounting services, freeing up time for auditing, consulting, financial planning and other activities beyond the completion of simple returns.

Asure’s Tax Filing Capabilities also offer an easy way to keep up with changing tax law updates. By leveraging Empify Connector (Asure’s cloud-based portal), users can access accurate tax data from across their payroll systems in real-time without having to log into multiple systems or manually enter information. In addition to this increase in accuracy and efficiency, users will also benefit from the simplified workflow resulting from leveraging Asure’s integrated connectors for popular payroll providers like ADP® and Paychex®.

Enhanced Scalability

Asure's enhanced tax filing capabilities allow CPA firms and tax professionals to scale quickly and effectively when navigating the complexities of end-of-year operations, including accelerating ERTC demand. This scalability leverages Asure’s deep domain expertise in tax filings, supported by leading technologies which automate key steps in the filing process. Rather than struggle with manual, time-consuming and errors prone processes associated with tax filing, CPAs and other professionals regain time for more higher touch activities.

To meet surging demand for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program – a key component of the CARES Act – Asure's solution provides scalable capacity to accommodate any size organization while providing an easier Tax Filing experience. This allows businesses to get the maximum benefits from their investments in R&D credits and ERTCs filings without compromising on accuracy or speed. In addition, automation drastically reduces cycle times allowing businesses to file quickly ensuring timely receipt of funds.

Using Asure’s fully automated solutions, professionals receive confirmation that forms were properly completed and submitted within minutes of completion helping them manage their business more efficiently -allowing them to better serve clients with increased responsiveness and scalability needed during these challenging times. Automation helps ensure compliance from beginning to end, eliminating costly mistakes due to manual data entry reducing customer returns due to penalizations expense for incorrect forms or dates fields:

  • Properly completed and submitted forms within minutes.
  • Maximum benefits from R&D credits and ERTCs filings.
  • Reduced cycle times for timely receipt of funds.
  • Increased responsiveness and scalability.
  • Compliance from beginning to end.
  • Elimination of costly mistakes due to manual data entry.
  • Reduced customer returns due to penalizations.


In conclusion, Asure's expansion of tax filing capabilities empowers CPA firms and tax professionals to scale in response to the increasing demand for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. With a simple two-step registration process and assistance from Asure's expert Account Managers, companies can access these enhanced services with immediate effect.

This will not only streamline the time consuming task of calculating refunds and credits, but also help organisations maximise their tax savings throughout 2021.