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Asure Expands Tax Filing Capabilities Allowing CPA Firms and Tax Professionals to Scale in Response to Surging ERTC Demand

Asure, a leading provider of technology enabled HR and financial services solutions, today announced it has further expanded its filing capabilities to support the ongoing demands resulting from the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). As companies look to take advantage of this tax credit and comply with its rules in order to reduce their payroll taxes, CPAs and other tax professionals are experiencing increasingly high demand for their services.

To help these partners scale as needed to meet client requests, Asure has enhanced its existing Tax Filing module of Asure Payroll Core with new features that make it easier for CPA firms and tax professionals to quickly and accurately file claims on behalf of multiple clients.

The enhanced module provides an intuitive user experience with access to real time information on each client’s eligibility for the ERTC, so that taxpayers can quickly gain a better understanding of their qualification status. The module also includes tracking features that help CPA firms or other tax professionals report ERTC information for any number of clients in minutes, allowing them to easily identify filings that require adjustments or further review. By leveraging these powerful tools, CPAs and other tax professionals can confidently file ERTC claims on behalf of their clients without detracting from their existing services.

In addition to automating filing processes, this comprehensive solution allows them to save time by incorporating data from existing payrolls.

Asure's Tax Filing Capabilities

Asure Software, Inc. is pleased to announce its latest product expansion feature of its industry-leading tax compliance solution. This expansion will enable CPA firms and tax professionals to scale their services and respond quickly to the high demand of this year's Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). With the addition of this feature, Asure can now provide users with a comprehensive service that is easy to use and helps to minimize risk and maximize the accuracy of their tax filing processes.

Automated Tax Form Filing

Asure, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, is expanding its tax filing capabilities to help certified public accounting firms and other tax professionals quickly and effectively scale in response to surging demand for Economic Impact Payment (EIP) payments and other tax forms during the 2021 peak filing season.

Asure’s automated tax form filing service provides the ability to quickly prepare, validate, print and electronically file employee W-2s; 1094/1095s; 1099s; and EIP forms with the IRS. This reduces manual data entry time while ensuring accuracy with built-in error checking along every step of the way. The service also enables firms to incrementally scale up during crunch times such as extra hours spent during EIP season in preparation for subsequent rollout of 2021 tax season forms.

The service integrates with existing payroll process flows so there is no need for manual entry or uploading of data files – resulting in faster turnaround times for CPA firms, fewer errors and fewer frustrations. Asure offers standalone forms processing or fully integrated solutions that are easy to use so that users can remain focused on running their business instead of spending time on back office tasks. In addition, Asure’s forms processing is designed to be cloud based for scalability, allowing CPA firms to access it from anywhere without any hardware requirements.

Automated Tax Payment Processing

Asure provides businesses with a robust suite of automated tax filing capabilities that enables CPAs and other tax professionals to efficiently manage a large volume of clients. With the ability to quickly and accurately process individual forms, including the 1099-MISC, W2, W9 and other commonly used documents, Asure can help CPA firms speed up their workflow during tax season.

Tax professionals can also take advantage of Asure’s automated delivery system for both state and federal taxes that eliminates the need for physical mailing or faxing of important filings. Streamlined online filing saves time, minimizes errors and reduces manual data entry efforts. Additionally, Asure’s platform allows professional preparers to access federal e-file platforms such as IRS Free File or State Fill – saving tax payers time while helping them get their maximum refunds in the largest possible amount.

Finally, Asure also offers payment processing options to help busy practitioners stay organized when seasonally overwhelmed with hundreds of payments gathered through dozens of clients. The platform enables CPA firms to accept real-time payments from their clients in reliable and secure manner avoiding any confidential data leaks for both parties involved in the transaction.

Multi-State Tax Filing

Asure, a provider of human capital management (HCM) and time-tracking software solutions, has announced a significant expansion of its tax filing capabilities to meet the increasing demand for economic recovery and tax credits (ERTC). With the new multi-state tax filing feature, CPA firms and tax professionals can now quickly scale their businesses to meet the growing demands of their clients.

Asure’s enhanced filing service includes forms such as Form 1040 Schedule C, Form 2106EZ, Form 4562 and Form 8829 which enable the preparation of multi-state income tax returns. This allows CPAs and other professionals to prepare automated returns efficiently for taxpayers who generate income in multiple states.

The new feature also provides customers with accurate reimbursements for home office expenses. Asure's ERTC services include services such as:

  • PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculation & Documentation
  • WOTC Expanded Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • CARES Act Credits
  • Remote WorkForce Payroll Tax Credit
  • 401(k), IRA Contributions Tax Credit
  • FICA Tip Equality Bonding Program Reimbursement Calculations
  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits Reimbursement Calculations
  • Employee Qualified Health Plan Premium Credits

CPAs can quickly generate reports based on quarterly or year-to-date data with Asure's Toolbox report package which allows them to quickly assess return positions before filing. Plus, its online support team is available through email or by phone to answer questions related to federal or state taxes, withholding compliance or other related services. With this expansion of services, Asure stands ready to assist firms in responding with heightened accuracy and speed to the everchanging landscape of USA taxes in 2021.

Tax Compliance and Reporting

Asure’s tax filing capabilities will enable CPAs and tax professionals to scale as demand for ERTC compliance and reporting increases. This is done with Asure’s comprehensive suite of leading tax-preparation applications, providing CPAs with an efficient platform to process returns in addition to managing the increased level of compliance needed during peak seasons.

The benefits of Asure’s tax filing capabilities include:

  • Ability to quickly prepare and review returns with advanced features such as simple tracking workflows, e-service readiness, data import and deduction/credit optimization.
  • Centralized data storage improves accuracy of client records while ensuring common audit issues are prevented.
  • Customizable information portals for CPA firms allow for tailored individual communication regarding clients’ documents and filings.
  • Automatic software updates ensure users have access to latest versions, feature enhancements, etc..
  • 24/7 Support from Asure’s team of advanced technology professionals allows CPAs to focus on core functions without worrying about technology distractions.

Benefits of Asure's Tax Filing Capabilities

Asure, Inc. recently announced that their tax filing capabilities have been expanded to allow CPA firms and tax professionals to scale their operations in response to the surge in Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) demand. This new feature will provide CPA firms and tax professionals with access to enhanced filing capabilities, improved efficiency, and cost savings.

This section will discuss the various benefits of Asure's tax filing capabilities:

Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy

Asure's Tax Filing Capabilities provide the enhanced efficiency and accuracy that CPA firms and tax professionals need to manage an increasingly challenging workload. With Asure's capabilities, users can quickly and accurately review, prepare, and file electronically-submitted documents in a fraction of the time required for manual methods. This means higher accuracy with fewer errors as well as drastically reduced risk associated with inputting data manually.

The user experience has been optimized to provide intuitive workflows that make it easy for tax practitioners to swiftly review submissions and identify even the most subtle errors quickly. When partnered with solutions like 1040SCAN™ to help review client materials before submission, Asure allows tax preparers to spend less time on data entry – allowing them to focus on areas like reviewing action items in order to give their clients better service while also reducing common mistakes. This built-in functionality makes it easier for CPAs, Enrolled Agents (EA)s and other tax professionals to:

  • Serve their existing customers
  • Grow their business by being able to accept new clients in the midst of a tumultuous filing season.

Increased Scalability

Asure's expanded tax filing capabilities offer increased scalability for CPA firms and tax professionals. By leveraging decades of experience and expertise in payroll, HR, and time & attendance, Asure has created a turn-key solution that helps CPA firms and tax professionals manage the rapid influx of Economic Impact Payments (EIP) demands. With our new filing capabilities, CPA firms and tax professionals can reduce their reliance on manual paper filing to support their clients while increasing accuracy during the peak season.

Specifically, Asure’s platform enables firms to easily enter and verify data associated with the 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, 1098-T and other forms in addition to supporting reconciliation processes for accurate setting up all employee payments. In addition to increased accuracy, this scaling feature provides great efficiency benefits as well. Asure’s platform also includes auto calculation of taxes by geographical area as well as global deductions tracking capabilities allowing users to conduct willed reconciliation of all employee deductions ensuring accuracy of payments – all while being compliant with local labor laws.

Furthermore, organizations can also seamlessly access forms needed to accurately prepare payroll related filings such as Form W-2/W-3 or Form 941 as well as electronic filing services for most states for maximum accuracy throughout payroll processing deadlines including quickly submitting 941 files directly from QuickBooks Desktop connector giving CPAs an edge over operations using manual sheets or sticky notes when it comes to preparing tax filings on behalf of their clients.

Reduced Time to File

Asure's expanded tax filing capabilities allow CPA firms and tax professionals to quickly and easily file ERTCs at scale. Asure ensures fast and accurate filing, with complex data validation checks that help CPAs confidently meet the growing demand for ERTCs. With Asure's streamlined process, administrative costs are reduced, allowing CPAs to save time on filing and focus on the more intricate aspects of the process.

Leveraging data from hundreds of sources, including accounting software providers and multiple websites, Asure delivers all necessary information in a format that allows for seamless integration into your workflow – allowing for no-touch processing. This removes cumbersome manual entry steps from your workflow, enabling you to file faster without having to spend valuable time digging through ERTC documents. Automated processes also eliminate potential human errors, resulting in reliable data accuracy.

When used alongside Asure's audit capabilities such as analytics-driven comparison reports and real-time refund tracking across multiple platforms, CPAs can optimize their workflows while producing timely results with increased levels of accuracy. This level of service empowers firms to increase scalability while remaining compliant with IRS regulations – which is critical in an environment where returns are ever-changing due to economic growth or the adoption of new legislative measures.


In conclusion, Asure Tax Professional Suite provides increased tax filing capabilities that empower CPAs and tax professionals to better cope with the increasing demand pertaining to the Employee Retention Tax Credit. Its scalable and secure tax filing technology allows firms to operate more efficiently, securely, and accurately when preparing returns. Asure's dedication to compliance and its established network of over 18,000 financial institutions make for a comprehensive solution that supports accuracy and ease of use for customers with their ERTC filings.