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Mosin Nagant Dragoon rifle dated 1936, hexagonal breech, produced at Tula factory,inc sling, excellent condition current UK spec deact (full moving parts) £250 plus p/p (poa)

You must be 18 years + to purchase these weapons! please state  on your order ‘I declare that i am over the age of 18’ and sign  and print your name.

PPSH 41. 7.62mm x39, WW2 dated, comes with 75 round drum magazine. Good condition, current UK spec deactivated. Sling not inc..

£255. plus p/p (poa)

Pg-9 deactivated rpg-9 rocket.£110.00 plus p/p or without fins £90.00 plus p/p

Pgo-7 scope.

Missing its rail mount ,battery cover,elec cover on back £60.00 plus p/p