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Gaz 67

The Gaz 67 and the subsequent GAZ-67B were general purpose four wheel drive Soviet military vehicles built by GAZ starting in 1943. The Soviet designers used the influence of the Bantam jeep and licensed made parts from the late 1920's model a\b fords in the design and manufacture.

In 1944 a modified Gaz Designated the 67B was produced with a wider track of 1446 mm. It also had a strengthened chassis frame, enlarged fuel tank and other improvements.It was powered by a slightly more powerful 54 hp (40 kW) version of GAZ M1 4-cylinder 3280 cc gasoline motor (Licensed made Ford model B engine) and had a top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph). Production started on January 1944.

We have many parts available in stock for the 67 and we are able to offer our services to make some panels from new.

Rebuilt gearbox  £350

Gasket sets £67

Tent poles and mountings, newly made £175

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