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GAZ 13 Chaika

We have a complete with all ancillaries secondhand good condition Chaika engine for sale.  Please contact us for prices and shipping.

We also have many service parts available from stock

The Chaika, the GAZ M13, was produced from 1959 to 1981, with more than 3,100 examples built during the 22 year production run.

The M13 was powered by a 195 horsepower (145 kW) 5.5L V8 and driven through a push-button automatic transmission. As a limousine-class car, Chaikas were available only to the Soviet government, and could not be purchased by the average citizens. However, citizens were allowed to rent Chaikas for weddings. Chaikas were issued to top professionals, party officials, scientists, academics, and other VIPs.

 The Gaz 13 Chaika was based on a 1956 American Packard.  The Soviet Union saw the need for a luxury limosine and bought the tooling from the closing Packard factory at Detroit. This enabled them to manufacture excatly what they wanted without the design time and costs for such a limited amount of production.